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Breakthrough Process Redesign: New Pathways to Customer Value

Опубликовано на портале: 28-05-2008
New York: AMACOM, 1994
The authors focus on four routes to reengineering success: how to choose the right processes for reenginnering based on customer-focussing organizational vision and strategies; how to analyze process precisely and in quantitative terms; how to apply the appropriate improvement tools; how to develop management competencies to achieve organizational success in process redesign.

Preface: Breakthrough Process Improvement

1. Competing by Redesigning Business Processes
2. Understanding Business Processes
3. Refocusing the Business for Process Redesign
4. Determining Customer and Client Values
5. Developing Goals and Chartering the Team
6. Creating a Value-Added Flow Analysis
7. Analyzing Processes for Breakthrough Improvement
8. Taking the Mystery Out of Problem Solving
9. Implementing Innovative Process Redesign and Measuring for Success
10. Leading Successful Process Redesign From the Middle
11. How to Become a Leader of Innovation

Appendix: Assessing the Organization's Readiness
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