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Strategy, a functionalist activity as viewed from an interpretivist perspective

Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2002
This paper aims to bridge the pluralism which exists in strategy formulation by approaching the subject from the unrelated discipline of postmodernism. At the very heart of the pluralism which has divided both the theoretical and practical approach to strategy is an either/or mentality. What is proposed with the arguments discussed in this research is an and approach to understanding strategy. As will be discussed, this approach does not prescribe or discredit what has gone before, nor is it a restriction of the diversity advocated. On the contrary, it recognises current and previous theories and applications to strategy forming the necessary parts of what collectively depicts the pastiche nature of strategy formulation. Every one of the different approaches to strategy has or had a role to play in the creation of the field of strategy. But this paper demonstrate the dominance of the functionalist approach to strategic formulation. Such a belief is underpinne by assumptions based on an objective reality which exists external to the organisation.

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