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Assessing the Structural Change of Strategic Mobility Determinants under Hybercompetitive Environments

Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2002
In this exploratory study, the authors set out to develop and test a dynamic and integrative framework on strategic change. On the basis of theoretical arguments and prior empirical evidence from the adaptation and inertial perspectives, the researchers propose an original empirical model to examine whether potential determinants of strategic change remain stable over time in a hypercompetitive environment. The authors look for an answer to this question in the Spanish private bank industry during a period of high strategic mobility as consequence of continuous and drastic environmental transformations. The results strongly support that the effect of potential determinants of strategic mobility in this industry did not remain stable over the whole period of analysis. From this point of view, the study sheds new light on major debates and dilemmas in the field of strategy regarding why firms change theirs competitive patterns over time, and hence whether the adaptation and inertial views really must be considered as complementary perspectives. Furthermore, the paper introduces two important methodological innovations which facilitate future empirical replies. First, the definition and measurement of strategic change by employing a new grouping method, the MCLUST. Second, the control of the non-observable heterogeneity using panel data models for logit regression.

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