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Welfare. In 2 vol. Vol. 2. Measuring social welfare

Опубликовано на портале: 28-10-2003
Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 1997, 428 с.
Тематический раздел:
This volume presents an approach to the evaluation of economic policies through the econometric modeling of aggregate consumer behavior. While the preferences of individual consumers are revealed by their market choices, these preferences can be recovered only by econometric methods, not through the index numbers used in the official statistics. The richer and more robust methodology presented in this volume provides a fruitful point of departure for future policy evaluations.

This work (the second of two volumes) presents a new approach to measuring social welfare based on the modelling of aggregate consumer expenditures. This econometric approach to normative economics unifies the treatment of poverty, inequality, and cost and standard of living.

The econometric approach replaces ordinal measures of individual welfare that cannot be compared among individuals with cardinal measures that can. These are combined into an indicator of social welfare that reflects principles of horizontal and vertical equity. This approach unifies the measurement of poverty, inequality, and cost and standard of living. It extends the scope of normative economics to a broader range of issues in the evaluation of economic and social policies.

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  1. Aggregate Consumer Behavior and the Measurement of Social Welfare
    Dale W. Jorgenson
      1.1 Introduction
      1.2 Preliminaries
      1.3 Modeling Consumer Behavior
      1.4 Individual and Social Welfare
      1.5 The Standard of Living and its Cost
      1.6 Summary and Conclusion
      Appendix Table
  2. Individual and Social Cost-of-Living Indexes
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      2.1 Introduction
      2.2 Aggregate Consumer Behavior
      2.3 Econometric Model
      2.4 Individual Cost-of-Living Indexes
      2.5 Social Welfare Functions
      2.6 Social Cost-of-Living Index
      2.7 Group Cost-of-Living Indexes
      2.8 Summary and Conclusion
      Appendix Tables
  3. Inequality in the Distribution of Individual Welfare
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      3.1 Introduction
      3.2 Aggregate Consumer Behavior
      3.3 Econometric Model
      3.4 Social Welfare functions
      3.5 Indexes of Inequality
      3.6 Inequality with Groups
      3.7 Inequality between Groups
      3.8 Money Metric Inequality
      3.9 Applications of money Metric Inequality
      3.10 Summary and Conclusion
      Appendix Tables
  4. General Equilibrium Analysis of Economic Policy
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      4.1 Introduction
      4.2 Aggregate Consumer Behavior
      4.3 Econometric Model
      4.4 Money Metric Individual Welfare
      4.5 Social Welfare Functions
      4.6 Money Metric Social Welfare
      4.7 Efficiency versus Equity
      4.8 Summary and Conclusion
  5. Aggregate Consumer Behavior and Household Equivalence Scales
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      5.1 Introduction
      5.2 Aggregate Consumer Behavior
      5.3 Identification and Estimation
      5.4 Econometric Model
      5.5 Household Equivalence Scales
      Appendix A Notation for Instrumental Variables, 1947-1982
      Appendix B Notation for Cross-Section Results
      Appendix C Notation for Pooled Estimation Results
  6. General Equilibrium Analysis of Natural Gas Price Regulation
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      6.1 Introduction
      6.2 Aggregate Consumer Behavior
      6.3 Money Metric Individual Welfare
      6.4 Social Welfare Functions
      6.5 Money Metric Social Welfare
  7. Redistribution Policy and the Measurement of Poverty
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      7.1 Introduction
      7.2 Poverty and Social Welfare
      7.3 Measures of Poverty
      7.4 Individual and Social Welfare
      7.5 Money Metric Poverty
      7.6 Poverty within Groups
      7.7 Poverty between Groups
      7.8 Alternative Poverty Measures
      7.9 Summary and Conclusion
      Appendix Tables
  8. Inequality and the Standard of Living
    Dale W. Jorgenson and Daniel T. Slesnick
      8.1 Introduction
      8.2 Individual Welfare
      8.3 Social Welfare
      8.4 Standard of Living Index
      8.5 Real Expenditure per Person
  9. Carbon Taxes and Economic Welfare
    Dale W. Jorgenson, Daniel T. Slesnick, and Peter J. Wilcoxen
      9.1 Introduction
      9.2 An Overview of the Model
      9.3 Welfare Economics
      9.4 The Impact of a Carbon Tax
      9.5 The Effect of Welfare