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Money And Macroeconomics

Опубликовано на портале: 14-01-2003
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1997
Money and Macroeconomics is a significant collection of David Laidlers most important papers on the so-called monetarist counter-revolution. This volume contains both published and unpublished examples of his influential contribution, detailing empirical work on the demand for money, the economics of inflation, the foundations of the buffer stock approach to monetary theory, the monetarist critique of new classical economics and issues of economic policy.
David Laidler has also prepared a personal memoir to accompany his volume which gives a revealing account of his academic career and influences, and places each essay in its original intellectual context.
Money and Macroeconomics presents in one volume David Laidlers most important contributions to monetary economics. It will be invaluable to monetary and financial economists as well as policy makers and historians of economic thought.

Economics as a Way of Life A Personal Memoir
1. The Rate of Interest and the Demand for Money Some Empirical Evidence
2. The Results and Implications of Recent Empirical Work on the Aggregate Demand Function for Money in the United States
3. The Permanent-Income Concept in a Macro-economic Model
4. Money, Wealth and Time Preference in a Stationary Economy
5. The Phillips Curve, Expectations and Incomes Policy
6. The Current Inflation Explanations and Policies
7. Monetarist Models of Inflation in Closed and Open Economies
8. Information, Money and the Macroeconomics of Inflation
9. Monetarism: An Interpretation and an Assessment
10. A Small Macro-model of the Post-War United States
11. On the Demand for Money and the Real Balance Effect
12. Did Macroeconomics need the Rational Expectations Revolution?
13. The Buffer Stock Notion in Monetary Economics
14. Taking Money Seriously
15. What Remains of the Case for Flexible Exchange Rates?
16. The Quantity Theory is Always and Everywhere Controversial Why?
17. Price Stability and the Monetary Order
18. Monetarism the Unfinished Business

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