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Implementation of Realism in Case Study Research Methodology

Опубликовано на портале: 24-12-2002
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There is a significant gap in the understanding of internal management operations within regional development boards. The deficiency has implications for research methods in this area. The current debate on realism in case study research has examined the selection of an appropriate research methodology. The circumstances to be researched (Eisenhardt 1989; Glasser & Strauss 1967; Yin 1989) and the theoretical paradigm adopted by the researcher (Guba & Lincoln 1994; Layder 1993; Outhwaite 1983) determine the research methodology in case study research. This paper builds on contributions to this debate by Perry, Alizadeh and Riege (1997) and Perry (1998) that describe the circumstances and paradigm that best argue for the use of case study method. Further, this paper adds to this debate and sets out an example of a case study approach for the analysis of the qualitative data to ensure methodological rigor. In turn, it outlines outlines an approach for the analysis of qualitative data through multi-level analysis.

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