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Counterintuitive Marketing: Achieve great results using uncommon sense (Алогичный маркетинг: достижение отличных результатов нестандартными методами)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
USA: Free Press, 2000
Тематический раздел:
In Counterintuitive Marketing, Clancy and Krieg trace the high rate of business failure back to bad marketing strategy, and the even worse implementation of that strategy. Excess testosterone, they argue, compels senior managers to make decisions intuitively, instinctively, quickly, and, unfortunately, disastrously. In this informative and enlightening book, Clancy and Krieg confront these "over-and-over-again" marketers, who don't have time to do it right the first time, but endless time and a company bankroll to do it wrong over and over again. The authors draw from their decades of consumer and business-to-business marketing experience to describe the intuitive decision-making practices that permeate business today, and demonstrate how these practices lead to disappointing performance. Chapter by chapter, Counterintuitive Marketing contrasts how marketing decisions are made today with how they should be made. The authors give equal treatment to targeting, positioning, product development, pricing, customer service, e-commerce, marketing planning, implementation, and more as they present counterintuitive ideas for building and introducing blockbuster marketing programs. The tools to create exceptional marketing programs really do exist, and they are all here in Counterintuitive Marketing, the ultimate practical guide for any company of any size.

«Алогичный маркетинг» - это практическое руководство для компаний любого размера, содержащее инструменты для создания исключительных программ маркетинга. В своей книге авторы разбирают причины провалов и неудач различных компаний, сводя все к простой, как все гениальное, формуле: плохая маркетинговая стратегия плюс еще худшее осуществление этой стратегии ведут к провалу. При этом авторы показывают, что быстрые, необдуманные, принимаемые интуитивно решения – все это первопричина неудач. Книга поможет читателям пройти весь процесс принятия маркетинговых решений и сравнить то, как сегодня зачастую принимаются маркетинговые решения и как они должны приниматься.


If anyone out there relies upon common sense to implement their marketing programs [and who doesn't?], this book is a must read. Why? The authors, Kevin Clancy and Peter Krieg, contend that the fundamental problem with today's marketing efforts is that managers rely way too much on common sense. That - and a whole lot of testosterone-driven decision making - are contributing to sluggish growth, declining profits and the downward spiral of once great American brands.

The symptoms of testosterone marketing, according to the authors, are commonplace in most companies. Testosterone-driven decision-makers are "the guys who assemble complex toys on Christmas Eve without reading directions, book without a recipe, make business decisions without research." Testosterone marketing is easy to spot. Symptoms include: decisions made too quickly because there's no time to do it right; top management demands short-term results; real customer needs are unknown or ignored; too few alternatives for each decision are evaluated; marketing managers are promoted prematurely; and market plans are sloppily implemented.

So what's the cure? Clancy and Krieg believe that quantifiable research is the elixir for developing strategies, creative approaches and tactical plans that can aggressively grow a company's market share, revenue and profitability, and coincidentally, launch and rebuild great brands.

The book provides insights for creating strategies that prevent "over-and-over-again" marketing, as well as practical advice about how to actually implement successful marketing programs. Unlike so many business books that are either about strategy or some tactical aspect of marketing, Counterintuitive Marketing provides both and does so with real world company examples and amusing anecdotes from the authors' consulting and teaching experiences.

One of the best parts of this book is its Appendix: Marketing in a Nutshell: the 100 Questions Every CEO Needs to Answer. It's a fantastic reference guide to the most important elements of strategic and marketing planning, targeting and positioning, product and pricing strategy, mass media advertising, direct marketing, customer satisfaction and retention, e-commerce, marketing planning, test marketing, and implementation. When in doubt - turn to page 323!

I still contend that there's a big need for more common sense in the marketing organization, but the idea that the best ideas are often those that we don't yet know is very compelling. A great read for anyone involved with marketing.

Lois Kelly,
Providence, Rhode Island
Section 1. Revolutionaries, Pioneers, and Cowboys: How Testosterone Drives American Business
Section 2. Counterintuitive Thinking Behind Great Marketing Strategies
Section 3. Implementing Counterintuitive Marketing Programs

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