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On economic institutions: Theory and applications

Опубликовано на портале: 22-10-2003
Aldershot: Edward Elgar, 1995, 233 с.
Institutionalist analysis is increasingly used as a key research tool for economists confronted with the shortcomings of mainstream economic analysis and the problems presented by the transformation of socio-economic systems in Eastern Europe. On Economic Institutions brings together leading economists working in a wide range of research traditions who examine theories of institutions and institutional change.

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    1. Introduction (John Groenewegen, Christos Pitelis, Sven-Erik Sjostrand)
    2. Towards A Theory of Institutional Change (Sven-Erik Sjostrand)
    3. Rational Action and Institutional Change (Shaun Hargreaves Heap)
    4. Relative Rationality, Institutions and Precautionary Behaviour (Ernesto Screpanti)
    5. The Meaning and Role of Power in Economic Theories (David Young)
    6. Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Institutional Crisis (Christos Pitelis)
    7. Institutional Aspects of Regulating the Private Sector (Jonathan Michie)
    8. Michael Porters Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (Paul Auerbach, Peter Skott)
    9. Standards as Institutions: Problems with Creating all-European Standards (Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, S.Hulten, D.J. Puffert)
    10. Collective Action, Strategic Behaviour and Endogenous Growth (Patrizio Bianchi, Lee Miller)
    11. Determinants of Supplier Dependence: An Empirical Study (Hans Berger, Niels Noorderhaven, Bart Nooteboom)
    12. The Changing Market for Corporate Control (J. Groenewegen)
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