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Indicators of Social Change. Concepts and Measurement

Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2003
New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1968
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A foundational work in social indicators research, this compendium of articles looks at changes in the U. S. over time, presenting in-depth discussions on the indicators of social change methods and theories used.

Authors and articles in this book include the following:

Sheldon, Eleanor Bernert and Wilbert E. Moore, "Monitoring social change in American society."

Taeuber, Conrad, "Population: trends and characteristics."

Sametz, A. W., "Production of goods and services: the measurement of economic growth."

Lebergott, Stanley, "Labor force and employment trends."

Bell, Daniel, "The measurement of knowledge and technology."

Mitchell, Joyce M. and William C., "The changing politics of American life."

Goode, William J., "The theory and measurement of family change."

Demerath III, N.J., "Trends and anti-trends in religious change."

Moss, Milton, "Consumption: A report on contemporary issues."

Ennis, Philip H., "The definition and measurement of leisure."

Moriyama, Iwao M., "Problems in the measurement of health status."

Duncan, Beverly, "Trends in output and distribution of schooling."

Duncan, Otis Dudley, "Social stratification and mobility: problems in the measurement of trend."

Merriam, Ida C., "Welfare and its measurement."