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The Internationalization of the Firm: A Reader, 2nd Edition (Интернационализация фирмы)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
Harvard: International Thomson Business Press, 1998
Тематический раздел:
The second edition of The Internationalization of the Firm: A Reader offers a detailed analysis of the forces at work in the process of internationalisation. This is the only publication currently available which contains a broad selection of the seminal articles in this field. The Internationalization of the Firm provides comprehensive coverage of the crucial issues in international business research: direct foreign investment, cultural issues and joint ventures, while at the same time presenting the material in a clear and accessible way. The articles are divided into sections, each of them covering the key topics at the heart of internationalization: the main concepts, the internationalization process, foreign market servicing, the multinational firm and the impact of culture on internationalization. The Internationalization of the Firm: A Reader is indispensable reading for all advanced undergraduates, postgraduate and MBA students of international business.

Introduction and Overview
Part 1. Antecedents
Part 2. The Internationalization Process
Part 3. Methods of Foreign Market Servicing
Part 4. Organizing the Multinational Firm
Part 5. The Impact of Culture on Internationalization

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