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Absolut Book: The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story ("Абсолютная книга": История рекламной кампании водки “Абсолют”)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
USA: Charles Tuttle Co., 1996
Тематические разделы:
Perhaps a sign of ultimate success at branding, Absolut has convinced thousands of consumers to buy a book of ads, promoting its product. But in the face of such an inventive campaign, who can resist this beautiful collection of the published ads, the Absolut rejects (ads that fell under the editor's axe), and an inside look at how the ads were created.

История создания успешного бренда и рекламы водки “Абсолют”.


There are Absolut ads in this book that you may never have seen before. This book is filled with the visually appealing ads from one of the greatest magazine ad campaigns in American history. Coffee table books are supposed to spark conversation, and this one will accomplish that easily. The pictures are vivid and the book contains some interesting stories about the Absolut ad campaign. There are even reject ads in this book. A great idea and well worth the price.

Eric M. Schmidt
Absolut Introduction
Chapter 1. Absolut Beginning
Chapter 2. Absolut Product
Chapter 3. Absolut Objects
Chapter 4. Absolut Cities
Chapter 5. Absolut Art
Chapter 6. Absolut Holidays
Chapter 7. Absolut Fashion
Chapter 8. Absolut Themed Art
Chapter 9. Absolut Flavors
Chapter 10. Absolut Spectaculars
Chapter 11. Absolut Eurocities
Chapter 12. Absolut Film and Literature
Chapter 13. Absolut Tailor-Made
Chapter 14. Absolut Topicality
Chapter 15. Absolut Rejects
Absolut Credits and Permissions

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