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Seeking Customers (Поиск клиентов)

Опубликовано на портале: 31-10-2003
Harvard: Harvard Business School Press, 1993
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In an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, having a goundbreaking new product is no longer a guarantee of success. Seeking Customers explores major changes in the process of identifying and attracting profitable customers, and brings new clarity to the critical relationships among selling, understanding customers, sales force management, distribution, pricing, marketing, and above all, account selection. The book goes far beyond the popular rhetoric of "market orientation" and "customer relationships" to argue that effective selling is a dynamic process that demands the commitment of the entire company. Outstanding Harvard Business Review authors such as Rowland Moriarty, Frank Cespedes, Stephen Doyle, Benson Shapiro, and Thomas Bonoma offer original insights and practical guidelines to help managers recognize and meet the challenges of selling today. Together with its companion volume, Keeping Customers, the book will provide managers with the essential tools for attracting customers and forging long-term relationships.

Part 1. Build Channels of Communication
Part 2. Understand Your Prospects and Custmers
Part 3. Close the Sale and Open the Relationship
Part 4. Balance Price and Value
Part 5. Energize the Selling Effort
Part 6. Manage the Selling System

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