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Money And Macroeconomic Policy

Опубликовано на портале: 14-01-2003
Northampton: Edward Elgar, 1999
This is the first of three volumes, written by an internationally renowned group of experts, to celebrate the contribution of Bernard Corry and Maurice Peston to teaching and research.

In this first volume, the distinguished contributors provide original material on the formulation of macroeconomic policy in advanced countries ranging from a study of central bank independence, the consequences of European monetary union and macroeconomic policy in transition economies.


Part I: The Trend of Macroeconomic Policy
1. Notes on Inflation Targeting
2. Kaleckis Political Aspects of Full Employment Revisited
3. Post Keynesian Economic Policy

Part II: The Independent Central Bank
4. The Privatization of Monetary Policy
5. Emergency Changes in Monetary Policy
6. Central Bank Independence Has Costs, Not Just Benefits
7. What are the Central Banks and the Private Sectors Objectives?

Part III: Emerging Problems in Macroeconomic Policy
8. The Economics and Politics of European Monetary Union
9. Convergence in European Bond Markets
10. Severe Fiscal Contradictions and Expansions

Part IV: Macroeconomic Policy Beyond the OECD
11. Non-linear Hyperinflationary Exchange Rate Dynamics
12. Islands of Tranquillity in a Turbulent World?


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