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Classes in Modern Society

Опубликовано на портале: 18-01-2003
London: Routledge, 1992
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In Classes in Modern Society Tom Bottomore, one of the most respected social and political theorists writing today, provides a lucid and succinct account of the changing significance of class in modem industrial society. This is a revised and substantially enlarged edition of a book that has been widely used in English and many other languages during the past thirty-five years. Tom Bottomore examines the changes that have taken place in the economic situation and the social structure of the industrial countries, from the development of welfare capitalism to the reassertion, in some countries, of laissez-faire, and the failure of totalitarian socialism in Eastern Europe. The role of social class in these processes of change, and the impact of the changes on class structure and class relations, are analysed, and theil cultural and political implications considered, especially in relation to the growth of new social movements. Alongside this account, based on published research in a number of countries, Tom Bottomore discusses the various theories of class and the revisions of them that have been undertaken in recent times. The concluding chapter then outlines a view of the future development of social classes, in relation to various types of capitalist and socialist society in the present day world. Classes in Modern Society will be particularly valuable for courses on social stratification, comparative social structure, and social theory. The author is well known for his writings on classes and elites, on socialism, on Marxism and other social theories, and on the history ol sociological thought.

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1. The Nature of Social Class
2. Classes in Modern Capitalism
3. Class, Classlessness and Socialism
4. Social Class, Politics and Culture
5. The Future of Social Classes
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