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Organizational Culture and Leadership

Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2003
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1992
'Organizational learning, development and planned change cannot be understood without considering culture as a primary source of resistance to change.' Thus argues Schein in the second edition of this seminal book. The work is organized into six parts, dealing with a.what culture is and does; b.the dimensions of culture; c.how to study and interpret culture; d.the role of leadership in building culture; e.the evolution of culture and leadership and; f.learning cultures and learning leaders. Schein's discussion of learning draws explicitly on the thinking of Donald Michael, Tom Malone and Peter Senge and asserts that the leaders of the future will have to be perpetual learners. This is a highly readable book, which pulls together insights from both the academic and practitioner worlds. Its canvass is broad but represents the real depth of understanding that comes from an expert who has spent years developing his knowledge of this topic.

The Author

Pt. 1 What Culture Is and Does
1. Defining Organizational Culture
2. Uncovering the Levels of Culture
3. Analyzing the Cultures of Two Organizations

Pt. 2 The Dimensions of Culture
4. Surviving in and Adapting to External Environments
5. Managing Internal Integration
6. Assumptions About Reality, Truth, Time, and Space
7. Assumptions About Human Nature, Activity, and Relationships

Pt. 3 How to Study and Interpret Culture
8. Deciphering Culture for Insiders
9. Reporting About Culture to Outsiders
10. Ethical Problems in Studying Organizational Cultures

Pt. 4 The Role of Leadership in Building Culture
11. How Leaders Create Organizational Cultures
12. How Founders and Leaders Embed and Transmit Culture: Socialization from a Leadership Perspective
13. Organizational Midlife: Differentiation and the Growth of Subcultures
14. Management and Information Technology: Two Subcultures in Collision?

Pt. 5 The Evolution of Culture and Leadership
15. The Dynamics of Culture Change and Leadership in Young Organizations
16. The Leader's Role in Midlife, Mature, and Declining Organizations
17. Facing the Complexities of Culture Change: A Case Study
Pt. 6 Learning Cultures and Learning Leaders
18. The Learning Culture: Managing the Contradictions of Stability, Learning, and Change
19. The Learning Leader as Culture Manager

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