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Growth, Unemployment, Distribution and Government Essays on Current Economic Issues

Опубликовано на портале: 29-01-2003
Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 1996
The purpose of this book is to set out in a comprehensive, but succinct manner, the key points surrounding four economic issues that generate, today, much discussion and debate. These are the issues of growth, unemployment, distribution and government. It is aimed at an audience that is sufficiently interested in economic issues to read a book that sets out these issues clearly, comprehensively and above all, seriously. This has implications for both the style and the content of the book. Clarity requires that the arguments be presented coherently, without resort to jargon. Comprehensiveness requires a wide perspective embracing theoretical, empirical and policy matters. Lastly, seriousness requires that the most up-to-date thinking on economic matters is presented in digestible form, but without violence to the integrity of the original arguments. Achieving this trinity of objectives has been the primary aim of this book.

'...Borooah has succeeded in his stated objective of presenting an accessible and reasonably comprehensive discussion of important economic issues without resorting to excessive use of economist's jargon. Given that the book covers theoretical, empirical and policy issues, the author manages to present brief surveys of recent thinking in a highly digestible form for his intended audience...Given the clarity of style, which is a feature of these essays, this book could well form a useful focal point around which an undergraduate introductory economics seminar programme could be developed. In short, both non-economists and students intending to specialise in economics will find this collection useful background reading.' - Brian Snowdon, Economic Journal
1. Competitiveness
2. Accounting for Growth and the Productivity Slowdown
3. Economic Policy and Productive Performance
4. Human Capital Education and Training

5. The Measurement of Unemployment
6. Inflation and Unemployment
7. Unemployment and Labour Market (In)Flexibility
8. Jobless Men and Working Women

9. Inequality
10. Poverty
11. The Welfare State
12. The Economics of Health

13. The Economic Role of Government
14. The Growth of Government
15. Privatisation
16. Foreign Debt, National Savings and Government Deficits


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