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National Accounts and the Environment The FEEM/KLUWER International Series on Economics, Energy and Environment

Опубликовано на портале: 30-01-2003
Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996
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In recent years, analysts, researchers and environmental policy makers have been faced with a serious shortage of empirical data on environmental phenomena. In fact, the information gathered by various organisations has not yet been systematically classified into a consistent system of accounts. This book presents the results of a joint research effort by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and Italy's Central Statistical Office (ISTAT) to design a system of accounts for natural and environmental resources. The resulting environmental accounts can be integrated with the existing system of national accounts, in order to estimate the so-called `green GDP' or `net national product' (NNP).

Preface to the English Edition; D. Siniscalco.
Introduction; I. Musu, D. Siniscalco.

Part One: Fundamental Concepts for the Development of a System of Environmental Accounts by ISTAT.
1. First Report of the Commission ISTAT-Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei for the Study of a System of Environmental Accounting; C. Costantino.

Part Two: Contributions towards an Environmental Accounting System.
2. Environmental Accounting: Introductory Remarks; I. Musu, D. Siniscalco.
3. Environmental Accounting: Problems and Proposals; G. Sammarco.
4. Environmental Accounting Policy: a Theoretical Framework; A. Beltratti.
5. The Input-Output System Extended to Environmental Accounting; M. Lo Cascio, M.R. Virdis.
6. Proposal for a General Approach for the Development of a System of Environmental Accounts by ISTAT; C. Costantino.
7. Information Bases for Environmental Policies; E. Gerelli, V. Patrizii.

Part Three: International Experiences of Environmental Accounting.
8. A Methodological and Operative Analysis of the Most Recent Developments in Environmental Accounting in the EEC, the UN and the OECD; C. Costantino.
9. Elements of Environmental Accounting in Some European Countries - a Methodological and Operational Analysis: the Cases of France, Germany and the Netherlands; C. Costantino.
10. Environmental Accounting and Environmental Policy: the Case of Norway; A. Nese.

Part Four: Basic Statistical Information: Some Experience.
11. An Inventory of Atmospheric Pollution Emission in Italy: Structure and Evolutionary Development; D. Gaudioso, et al.
12. An Estimate of Environmental Defensive Expenditures; R. Cullino.
13. Data Banks on Environmental Information Services; L. Sabatini.
14. The Environmental Budget of the Firm; R. Cullino, G. Sammarco.

Appendix: Forum on Environmental Reporting: Company Environmental Reports.

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