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Champions of change: how CEOs and their companies are mastering the skills of radical change

Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2003
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1997
The author's basic teachings are now accepted by many organizations: the CEO must lead the change; the entire organization must be involved; and the organizational culture must be taken into account before any major change. The first part of the book is a solid summary of what it takes for successful organizational change, with a review of why change is so hard and the presentation of a five-step plan for managing the process. The rest of the book leads the reader into new thinking about organizational change.

The Authors

1. What It Takes: Confronting the Realities of Change
2. Where to Start: Understanding Organizations
3. From Tuning to Overhaul: The Dimensions of Change
4. Reshaping the Entire Enterprise: The Special Challenges of Discontinuous Change
5. Winning Hearts and Minds: Overcoming the Obstacles to Change
6. Setting the Stage: Recognizing the Change Imperative
7. Waging the Great Campaign: Developing a Shared Direction
8. Building a New Strategy: The Strategic Choice Process
9. Redesigning the Organizational "Hardware": The Keys to Strategic Design
10. When Worlds Collide: Aligning Strategy and Culture
11. Finding the Right People: A Guide to Strategic Selection
12. Staying the Course: Consolidating and Sustaining Change
13. Leading the Charge: The Unique Role of Senior Management
14. Learning to Lead Change: The New Principles for CEOs and Companies

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