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Leveraging resources and maintaining commitment: Dominant logic of high and low performers in turbulent environments

Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
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This paper addresses the issue of dominant logic as cognitive, strategic, operational and evolutionary concept useful in studying how dominant and peripheral firms build their strategies in turbulent markets. Studying elements and dynamism of dominant logic of outliers that had almost the same chances to grow in newly established markets in Poland we came with two dominant patterns of dominant logic. Dominant firms do not have coherent strategies and rigid designs. They also do not search for a fit but follow simple rules that enable them to create and leverage opportunities, influence the stream of events, establish standards, brand names and publicity and establish networks of complementators. The set of presented rules has developed gradually and rules are not mutually exclusive but they permeate each other. Their dominant logic develop in a patch to patch fashion as they learn from difficult, traumatic experiences.

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