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National Competitiveness And Economic Growth

Опубликовано на портале: 14-01-2003
Northampton: Edward Elgar, 2002
The current paradigm shift in the world economy is challenging the traditional competitiveness and growth theories with their few explanatory variables. This book offers a more holistic framework to synthesise the key findings of the various branches of competitiveness and growth research.
The author illustrates this framework with a new long wave theory of socio-economic development. This theory emphasises the competitiveness and growth benefits of rapid structural adjustment in the rapidly changing techno-economic environment. Based on thorough analysis the author argues that both markets and governments have become less efficient due to the current transformation of the world economy. His empirical data from 22 OECD countries in the 1980s and 1990s illustrates that efficiency and growth-oriented governments have significantly contributed to their countries economic success.
National Competitiveness and Economic Growth will furnish its readers with a better understanding of the interdependencies of many important but seemingly unrelated aspects of modern economies and societies, for example the dynamics of business and technology, and cultural and institutional change. It will appeal to economists, business professionals and policymakers with a special interest in the competitiveness and growth of firms and national economies as well as the long-term development of socio-economic systems.

Part I: A Systemic Framework of Economic Competitiveness and Growth
Part II: Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change in Socio-economic Systems
Part III: Determinants of Competitiveness and Growth in Modern Economies
Part IV: Toward a Macro-organizational Theory of Economic Organization
Part V: Competitiveness and Growth During the Present Technoeconomic Paradigm Shift