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Managing Performance: Modern Day Myth or a Game People Play?

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Performance appraisal and managing performance are they one and the same or fundamentally different? The first suggests a reactive stance while the second indicates proactivity. Although effective performance management has been touted as the key lever for change that may boost individual and team accomplishment in organisations, the results will be limited if it is a case of old wine in new bottles. Specifically, the preliminary results of two case studies indicate that performance management systems operate in the same way as old performance appraisals. Some interviewees perceived that knowing how to play the corporate game was as important as performing well. Those who play the game well, were perceived as advancing in the organisation, while those who performed but did not play the game were left confused about their performance, and subsequently, their future. Initial data analysis suggests that if managers want to introduce more innovative ways of managing performance, the solution could be in the level and frequency of informal feedback occurring between managers and employees.

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