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Path Creation as a Process of Mindful Deviation

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
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Entrepreneurs are embedded in structures from which they attempt to depart. It is to explicate this notion of agency that the authors offer path creation as a concept that lies in contrast to path dependence. Path dependence celebrates the role of chance historical events in shaping the flow of future events. Such a process perspective takes an outsider's view to the genesis of novelty. In contrast, path creators are boundary spanners who disregard myopic pressures from existing relevance structures by making mindful deviations with objects to create new futures. Time is a critical element in this process. Specifically, path creators negotiate the time required for their initiatives to mature and succeed. In doing so, they harness the dynamic efficiencies implicit in adopting a perspective that views the emergence of novelty ex-vizu of a point in time.

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