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European refocusing throughout the nineties

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
This paper examines the refocusing activity of multi-business firms in the European Union. Theory and empirical data are offered to argue that diversification has diminished during the 90s, although not as vastly and widespread as we expected. In this paper, you may seek an explanation for the observation that most of the firms the researches study remain remarkably diversified. Therefore, the author investigate the extent and determinants of diversification and refocusing across a sample of 277 leading European manufacturing firms. The results confirm that refocusing happens mainly at firm level. Above that, the author refine the general refocusing belief in distinguishing between conglomerate diversification and technology and market concentric diversification. You may also see that conglomerate diversification decreases throughout the 90s, but that the resource based technology and market concentric diversification are gaining momentum.

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