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Only the paranoid survive: how to exploit the crisis points that challenge every company and career

Опубликовано на портале: 16-01-2003
New York: Currency-Doubleday, 1996
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Based on the author's years in management roles at Intel, this book presents sound ideas on managing change. Grove suggests that close attention be paid to the time in organizational life when its fundamentals are about to change: a change that can mean great opportunity or a change that can signal the end. He calls these change periods "strategic inflection points", and notes that they call for full-scale change. Grove warns that unattended strategic inflection points can be deadly and that they can affect careers, as well as organizations. He goes on to demonstrate that in both cases, the greatest danger is in standing still: there needs to be commitment to a course accompanied by watchful concern to maintain a constant pace designed to not waste momentum and/or valuable resources.

Preface. Only the Paranoid Survive

Chapter 1. Something Changed
Chapter 2. A "10X" Change
Chapter 3. The Morphing of the Computer Industry
Chapter 4. They're Everywhere
Chapter 5. "Why Not Do It Ourselves?"
Chapter 6. "Signal" or "Noise"?
Chapter 7. Let Chaos Reign
Chapter 8. Rein in Chaos
Chapter 9. The Internet: Signal or Noise? Threat or Promise?

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