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International Economics and International Economics Policy: A Reader

Опубликовано на портале: 30-12-2003
USA: Irwin, 1999, 464 с.
A collection of articles on international economics by leading economists drawn from various scholarly sources (e.g., the Journal of Economic Perspectives, The Brookings Institution, Finance & Development, Federal Reserve Publications, Foreign Affairs). Written by the top economists in the field, all the articles are written at a level appropriate for undergraduates or masters students.

Section One: Free Trade vs

Section One: Free Trade vs.: Strategic Trade

1.      How Costly is Protectionism by Robert Feenstra

2.      Is Free Trade Passé? By Paul Krugman

3.      Free trade vs. Fair trade: The Dumping Issue by Thomas Klitgaard and Karen Schiele

4.      Antidumping Policies in Electronic Products by Patrick Messerlin and Yoshyuki Noguchi


Section Two: Trade Issues For 2000

5.      The WTO and the Global Economy by Richard Blackhurst

6.      The Growing U.S. Trade imbalance with China by Thomas Klitgaard and Karen Schiele

7.      Economic Sanctions Reconsidered by Gary Hufbauer, Jeffrey Schott, and Kimberly Elliott

8.      International Trade, Environmental Quality and Public Policy by Michael Ferrantino


Section Three: The Globalization Debate

9.      Integration of Trade and Disintegration of Production in the Global Economy by Robert Feenstra

10.  Does Trade with Low-Wage Workers Hurt American Workers? By Stephen Golub


Section Four: Preferential Trading Arrangements

11.  Preferential trading Arrangements: Gainers from Regional Trading Blocs and Losers by C. Parr Rosen, C. Ford Runge, and Kirby Moulton

12.  NAFTA by Joanna Moss


Section Five: North-South Trade Issues:

13.  The New Liberalism: Trade Policy in Developing Markets by Zdanek Drabek and Sam Laird

14.  Multinational Corporations by John Stopford

15.  OPEC: An Obituary by Fadhil Chalabi


Section Six: Foreign Exchange and Macro policy

16.  The World’s Largest Market by Philip King

17.  Fixed or Flexible: Getting the Exchange Rate Regime Right in the 1990s by Francesco Caramazza and Jahangir Aziz

18.  What determines the Exchange Rate: Economic Factors or Market Sentiment by Gregory Hopper

19.  Does the Exchange Rate Matter for Inflation and Growth by Atish Ghosh, Jonathan Ostry, Anne-Marie Gulde and Holger Wolf

20.  Crawling Bands or Monitoring Bands: How to Manage Exchange Rates in a World of Capital Mobility by John Williamson


Section Seven: The Euro

21.  Why is Europe forming a Monetary Union by Gwen Eudey

22.  The International Use of Currencies: The U.S. Dollar and the Euro by George Tavlas


Section Eight: The Asian Crisis

23.  Asian Problems and the IMF by Allan Melzer

24.  The Onset of the East Asian Financial Crisis by Steven Radelet and Jeffrey Sachs

25.  The Asian Crisis: Causes and Cures by IMF Staff