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Handbook of the Economics of Education

Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2003
Amsterdam: North-Holland, 2004, cерия "Handbooks in Economics"
Тематический раздел:

Preliminary Content.
1. Post School Earnings: Search versus Human Capital. (Y. Weiss, Y. Rubinstein).
2. American Schooling in Historical Perspective (K. Sokoloff, S. Black).
3. Historical Perspectives on Race and Schooling: The United States (R. Margo, W. Collins).
4. International/immigration - US now exports formal and imports apprenticeship; changes on graduate programs (J. Smith).

Education and Labor Market.
5. Educational wage premia and income distribution: An international perspective (F. Peracchi).
6. Educational Wage Premia and the U.S. Income Distribution: A Survey (D. Deere, J. Vesovic).
7. Rates of return (J. Heckman, P. Carneiro).
8. Screening, signaling (R. Topel, F. Lange).
9. Black-White Differences in Human Capital: Causes and Consequences (D. Neal).
10. Education and Personal Behavior (M. Grossman).
11. Estimating the aggregate returns to education (L. Pritchett).
12. Lifecycle Human Capital Investment Policies (J. Heckman, L. Lochner).

Schools and quality.
13. Use of wage/market data (F. Welch, R. Speakman).
14. Class size and resources (E. Hanushek).
15. Drinking from the fountain of knowledge: Student Incentives to Study and Learn (J. Bishop).
16. Schools, Teachers and Education Outcomes in Developing Countries (P. Glewwe, M. Kremer).
17. Neighborhood Segregation and School Integration (S. Rivkin, F. Welch).
18. Teacher quality (E. Hanushek, S. Rivik).
19. The Supply of Teachers (P. Dolton).
20. Who's Minding the Kids? Preschool, Day Care, and After School Care (D. Blau, J. Currie).

Competition and finance.
21. The Economics of School Choice (C. Hoxby).
22. School-Finance Litigation's Impact On Public Education (W. Fischel).
23. Tiebout Choice and Education (T. Nechyba).

Higher Education.
24. Evidence on the Effect of Tuition and Financial Aid on College Enrollment Rates (T. Kane).
25. U.S. Finance (M. Mcpherson, M. Schapiro).
26. International Reforms in Higher Education Financing: Income Related Loans (B. Chapman).