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The Process and Progress of Economics/Nobel Lectures, Economics 1981-1990, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore

Опубликовано на портале: 05-12-2003
Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company, 1992, cерия "Nobel Lectures", 344 с.
В 1982 году американский экономист Джордж Стиглер получил премию памяти Альфреда Нобеля по экономике за исследование таких тем, как промышленные структуры, функционирование рынков, причины и эффекты общественной регуляции. Данная публикация представляет собой его нобелевскую лекцию. В ней автор применил свою «теорию поиска» к тому, что он назвал «рынком новых идей» в экономической науке. Лекция написана простым английским языком. Она находится в открытом доступе на официальном сайте.

"In the work on the economics of information which I began twenty some years ago, I started with an example: how does one find the seller of automobiles who is offering a given model at the lowest price? Does it pay to search more, the more frequently one purchases an automobile, and does it ever pay to search out a large number of potential sellers? The study of the search for trading partners and prices and qualities has now been deepened and widened by the work of scores of skilled economic theorists.

I propose on this occasion to address the same kinds of questions to an entirely different market: the market for new ideas in economic science. Most economists enter this market in new ideas, let me emphasize, in order to obtain ideas and methods for the applications they are making of economics to the thousand problems with which they are occupied: these economists are not the suppliers of new ideas but only demanders. Their problem is comparable to that of the automobile buyer: to find a reliable vehicle. Indeed, they usually end up by buying a used, and therefore tested, idea..."