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The Economic Sociology of Capitalism

Опубликовано на портале: 15-11-2007
Изд-во: Princeton University Press, 2005, 496 с.
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This book represents a major step forward in the use of economic sociology to illuminate the nature and workings of capitalism amid the far-reaching changes of the contemporary era of global capitalism. For the past twenty years economic sociologists have focused on mesa-level phenomena of networks, but they have done relatively little to analyze capitalism as an overall system or to show how such phenomena emerge from and shape the dynamics of capitalism. The Economic Sociology of Capitalism seeks to change this, by presenting both big-picture analyses of capitalism and more focused pieces on institutions crucial to capitalism. The book, which includes sixteen chapters by leading scholars in economic sociology, is organized around three broad themes. The first section addresses core issues and problems in the new study of capitalism; the second considers a variety of topics concerning America, the leading capitalist economy of the world; and the third focuses attention on the question of convergence stemming from the global transformation of capitalism and the challenge of explaining institutional change.

Foreword: Institutions, Markets, and Games by Avner Greif


Introduction by Victor Nee and Richard Swedberg

PART I: The New Study of Capitalism

The Economic Sociology of Capitalism: An Introduction and Agenda by Richard Swedberg

Capitalism and Economic Growth by Douglass C. North

Organizational Dynamics of Institutional Change: Politicized Capitalism in China by Victor Nee

Still Disenchanted? The Modernity of Postindustrial Capitalism by Francis Fukuyama

The Challenges of the "Institutional Turn": New Interdisciplinary Opportunities in Development Theory by Peter Evans

PART 2: Institutions of American Capitalism

States, Markets, and Economic Growth by Neil Fligstein

Venture Capital and Modern Capitalism by John Freeman

The Economic Sociology of Organizational by Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Stanford by Project on Emerging Companies by James N. Baron and Michael T. Hannan

Making Sense of Recession: Toward an Interpretive by Theory of Economic Action by Mitchel Y. Abolafia

Information Inequality and Network Externalities: A Comparative Study of the Diffusion of Television by and the Internet by Paul DiMaggio and Joseph Cohen

Affective Attachment in Electronic Markets: A Sociological Study of eBay by Ko Kuwabara

Circuits within Capitalism by Viviana A. Zelizer

PART 3: Global Transformation and by Institutional Change

Brain Circulation and Capitalist Dynamics: Chinese by Chipmaking and the SiliconValley-Hsinchu-Shanghai Triangle by AnnaLee Saxenian

The Globalization of Stock Markets and Convergence in Corporate Governance by Gerald F. Davis and Christopher Marquis

Fiscal Sociology in an Age of Globalization: Comparing Tax Regimes in Advanced Capitalist Countries by John L. Campbell

Trouble in Paradise: Institutions in the Japanese by Economy and the Youth Labor Market by Mary C. Brinton

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