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International Trade in the 21st Century

Опубликовано на портале: 30-12-2003
USA: Elsevier Science, 1996, 352 с.
Fundamental changes in recent decades have heightened the need for new and viable solutions to the problems of world trade. In the new climate of internationalisation an expanding number of firms are engaged in international trade, barriers have been coming down, and trading blocs, whose members may share the advantage of lower tariffs and the absence of quotas, are beginning to predominate. Such systems, however, have a generally negative impact on global trade and can be catastrophic for developing and non-industrialised economies.

The degree of recent change has created an uncertainty that now demands new global trade systems - a new set of rules for the new environment. This book tackles some of the unresolved issues in international trade that will continue to press into the next century: the continuing controversy over NAFTA; globalised trade policy agreements vs local trade agreements; global leadership; the development and impact of the WTO; the Single European Market; trade controls; transition economies; trade policy reform; global airline competition; competition in financial services; trade wars; trade policies; commercial policy, and international technology cooperation.

Section headings and papers:

Section headings and papers:


International trade in the 21st century: problems and prospects (K. Fatemi).

Global Issues.

The burdens of global leadership (H.P. Gray).
The WTO and the international trading environment (M.E. Kreinin, M. Schmidt-Levine).
Columbus and the new world of trade efficiency (A.E. Eckes).
Globalization and regionalization: main issues in international trade patterns (B. Lévy).

Regional Issues: Europe.

The single market after 1992: problems and prospects (P. Caselli).
The economic cost of state orders and trade controls in transitional economies (M.E. Bradley, W.E. Takacs).
Trade policy reform in the new independent states (C. Michalopoulos, D.G. Tarr).

Regional Issues: The Americas.

Beyond NAFTA, the opportunity to build a new continental alliance (J.L. Manzano).
Welfare effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (L.R. Klein, D. Salvatore).
The trade adjustment assistance program of NAFTA and U.S. labor displacement (J.E. Jonish, A. Macy).

Industry-Specific Issues.

Global airline competition in the 21st century: what's ahead for U.S. carriers? (K.N. Gourdin).
Competition in the financial services industry in the wake of European monetary union (M. Raquibuz Zaman).
Mergers and acquisitions in an integrated Europe (F.F. Ghannadian, V.E. Johnson).
Service markets in the 21st century: The impact of the new WTO regime (C.L. Dyer et al.).

Theory and Policy Issues.

Bilateral trade wars (M.E. Kreinin et al.).
International trade policies, industrialization, and economic development (D. Salvatore).
The macroeconomics of commercial policy and the trade balance: a policy perspective (R.C. Shelburne).
International technology cooperation: generation and policy (L.S. Peters).


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