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The competitiveness of transition economies

Опубликовано на портале: 17-03-2005
Europe: OECD, 1998
This report prepared by the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO) and the Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies (WIIW) provides a timely and very useful piece of empirical evidence. Indeed, as one of the major economic flaws of the socialist system was its lack of openness, understanding how trade flows interact with the transition process is a key issue. Export growth has already played a crucial role in the recovery from the transition shock. Moreover, ensuring sustainable growth is closely related to the capacity of each transition country to reap the benefits of the openness to international trade and foreign investment. Concerning these aspects, however, the Central and Eastern European countries have been revealing a strong heterogeneity. By adopting a comparative approach and combining several approaches, the report sheds light on different interactions between trade, FDI and the process of economic transformation. As a result, it gives a comprehensive view on the strong and weak points of each countrys competitive position, and interesting conclusions are drawn on the extent of economic restructuring that probably still needs to take place. Compared with the existing literature, these are real original points to be stressed.

1. Introduction

2. The World Economy, Economic Growth and Restructuring in Transition Countries Karl Aiginger (WIFO), Peter Havlik (WIIW), Yvonne Wolfmayr-Schnitzer (WIFO)

3.1 Trade Performance of CEECs According to Technology Classes Yvonne Wolfmayr-Schnitzer (WIFO)
3.2 Export Competitiveness of Central and Eastern Europe Peter Havlik (WIIW)
3.3 Intra-industry Trade of CEECs Yvonne Wolfmayr-Schnitzer (WIFO)
3.4 Unit Values to Signal the Quality Position of CEECs Karl Aiginger (WIFO)
3.5 Vertical Product Differentiation in EU Markets: The Relative Position of East European Producers Michael A. Landesmann, Johann Burgstaller (WIIW)

4.1 Labour Cost Competitiveness of Central and Eastern Europe Peter Havlik (WIIW)
4.2 Measuring the Impact of Exchange Rate Developments on the Competitive Position of Central and Eastern European Countries Rainer Hauswirth, Peter Mooslechner (WIFO)

5. Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the Competitiveness of Eastern Europe Jan Stankovsky (WIFO)
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