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Understanding Interdependence:The Macroeconomics of the Open Economy

Опубликовано на портале: 27-01-2003
Ред.: Peter B. Kenen
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995
Drawing together new papers by some of today's leading figures in international economics and finance, Understanding Interdependence surveys the current state of knowledge on the international monetary system and, by implication, defines the research horizon for the future. Covering topics including the behavior of exchange rates, the choice of exchange-rate regime, current-account adjustment in classical and Keynesian models, the extent and effects of capital mobility, international debt, the stabilization and reform of the formerly planned economies, European monetary union, and international policy coordination, the book underscores the importance of these subjects and identifies lessons for policymakers.
The contributors to the volume are Michael Bruno, Ralph C. Bryant, Richard N. Cooper, Michael P. Dooley, Barry Eichengreen, Stanley Fischer, Charles A. E. Goodhart, Peter Hooper, Peter B. Kenen, Paul R. Krugman, Henri Lorie, Jaime Marquez, Ronald I. McKinnon, Michael Mussa, Maurice Obstfeld, John Odling-Smee, Assaf Razin, Dani Rodrik, Mark P. Taylor, and John Williamson.

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1. The Endogeneity of Exchange-Rate Regimes
2. Exchange-Rate Behavior under Alternative Exchange-Rate Arrangements
3. Panel: One Money for How Many?
4. Exchange Rates, Prices, and External Adjustment in the United States and Japan
5. The Dynamic-Optimizing Approach to the Current Account: Theory and Evidence
6. International Capital Mobility in the 1990s
7. A Retrospective on the Debt Crisis
8. Trade Liberalization in Disinflation
9. Inflation and Growth in an Integrated Approach
10. Panel: The Outlook for Stabilization and Reform in Central and Eastern Europe
11. International Cooperation in the Making of National Macroeconomic Policies: Where Do We Stand?
12. The Political Economy of Monetary Union
13. What Do We Need to Know about the International Monetary System?

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