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International Economics

Опубликовано на портале: 25-01-2003
New York: Worth Publishers, 2001
This book is a Worth Series in Outstanding Contributions that brings together the most widely used articles in economic graduate courses in beautifully design, yet inexpensive volumes. In addition, many authors have updated their work since initial publication.

The Ricardo-Viner Model (Specific Factors)
1. Short-Run Capital Specificity and the Pure Theory of International Trade, J. Peter Neary

Heckscher-Ohlin Model of International Competition
2. International Factor-Price Equalisation Once Again, Paul A. Samuelson
3. The Structure of Simple General Equilibrium Models, Ronald W. Jones
4. The General Validity of the Law of Comparative Advantage, Alan V. Deardorff
5. Does European Unemployment Prop Up American Wages? National Labor Markets and Global Trade, Donald R. Davis
6. The Generalized Theory of Distortions and Welfare, Jagdish N. Bhagwati
7. Multicountry, Multifactor Tests of the Factor Abundance Theory, Harry P. Bowen, Edward E. Leamer, and Leo Sveikauskas
8. The Leontief Paradox, Reconsidered, Edward E. Leamer
9. The Case of the Missing Trade and Other Mysteries, Daniel Trefler
10. International Trade and American Wages in the 1980s: Giant Sucking Sound or Small Hiccup? (Excerpts), Robert Z. Lawrence and Matthew J. Slaughter
11. In Search of Stolper-Samuelson Linkages between International Trade and Lower Wages (Excerpts), Edward E. Leamer

Gravity Model
12. How Wide Is the Border?, Charles Engel and John H. Rogers

Chamberlainian Model (Economies of Scale, Imperfect Competition, and Strategic Interactions)
13. Increasing Returns, Monopolistic Competition, and International Trade, Paul R. Krugman
14. A "Reciprocal Dumping" Model of International Trade, James Brander and Paul Krugman
15. National and International Returns to Scale in the Modern Theory of International Trade, Wilfred J. Ethier
16. Increasing Returns and Economic Geography, Paul Krugman
17. Optimal Trade and Industrial Policy Under Oligpoly, John Eaton and Gene M. Grossman
18. Monopolistic Competition and International Trade: Reconsidering the Evidence (Excerpts), David Hummels and James Levinsohn

Nontraditional Production Functions
19. Multinationals, Multi-Plant Economies, and the Gains from Trade, James R. Markusen
20. The O-Ring Theory of Economic Development, Michael Kremer

Political Economy of Protection
21. Protection for Sale, Gene N. Grossman and Elhanan Helpman