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Exchange Rate Policies, Prices and Supply-side Response: A Study of Transitional Economies

Опубликовано на портале: 25-01-2003
Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2001
This book, based upon a large-scale research project, examines alternative types of exchange rate policies being pursued and the changing nature of exchange rate policy during the transition process in four countries, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic. The book brings together a series of original contributions by country experts and draws out some common themes and over-arching policy implications for the operation of exchange rate policy in the transition process.

Christos Papazoglou is Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Crete and economist at the Bank of Greece, Economic Research Department. His research interests focus on the field of international macroeconomics and he has published in various economic journals and collective volumes.

Eric J. Pentecost is Reader in Economics at Loughborough University, and Director of the Centre for International and Financial Economics Research (CIFER). He has published widely in the field of open economy macroeconomics and has held visiting positions at Vanderbilt University, University of Antwerp and the Mohyla Academy, Kiev.

Introduction: Issues, Structure and Policy Recommendations

Output Dynamics in Transition Economies Under Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes
Currency Options and Trade Smoothing Under an Exchange Rate Regime Shift

Exchange Rate Policy and Output Growth in Transition Economies: The Experience of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia
The Real Exchange Rate and the Output Response in Four Transition Economies: A Panel Data Study
The Exchange Rate, Prices and The Supply Response Under Transition: A Simulation Study

Price and Output Dynamics Under a Currency Board: The Case of Bulgaria
Exchange Rates and the Supply Response in the Czech Republic: Is PPP a Relevant Rule for Assessing the Equilibrium?
Exchange Rate and the Price Response in the Czech Republic
Economic Performance in Poland Under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rate Regimes
Supply and Price Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Poland Under Transition: An Econometric Analysis
The Determination of the Real Exchange Rate and its Effects on Output and Prices in Slovenia