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International Trade and Finance. New Frontiers for Research

Опубликовано на портале: 30-12-2003
Cambridge, USA: Cambridge University Press, 1998, 414 с.
This collection of original essays offers a selection of contemporary scholarship intended to help define an agenda for future research in the field of international trade and finance. Written to honour Peter B. Kenen and to follow his work, the volume is divided into three parts: international trade theory, international monetary theory, and applied policy analysis. Trade issues addressed include the role of capital in standard trade models, welfare implications of economic integration, and the relationship between economic openness and the size of government. The monetary chapters include two related essays on the effects of exchange rates on economic activity and two essays on aspects of optimum currency area theory. Applied policy papers include two on industrial countries, two on developing countries, and one on problems of transition in the successor states of the former Soviet Union. Also included is an essay by Paul Krugman assessing Kenen’s lifetime of scholarly achievements.



1.      The practical theorist: Peter Kenen’s contribution to international economics Paul R. Krugman;

Part I. International Trade Theory:

2.      Nature, capital and trade: a second look Patrick J. Conway;

3.      The Meade model of preferential trading: history, analytics and policy implications Arvind Panagariya;

4.      International trade and big government Dani Rodrik;

Part II. International Monetary Theory:

5.      Exchange rate regime and international trade Reuven Glick and Clas G. Wihlborg;

6.      Exchange rates and investment response in Latin America Linda S. Goldberg;

7.      Optimum currency areas and exchange rate volatility: theory and evidence compared Tamim Bayoumi and Barry Eichengreen;

8.      Optimum currency area theory: bringing the market back in Benjamin J. Cohen;

Part III. Applied Policy Analysis:

9.      Labour market adjustment and trade: their interaction in the Triad Marina V. N. Whitman;

10.  Do the G-3 countries coordinate monetary policy? Kathryn M. E. Dominguez;

11.  Fundamental determinants of Mexico’s exchange-rate crisis of 1994 Polly Reynolds Allen;

12.  Devaluation cycles and adjustment costs Nancy P. Marion;

13.  Payments problems in the Commonwealth of Independent States Constantine Michalopoulos.


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