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Product Plus: How Product + Service = Competitive Advantage (Товар плюс: как достичь конкурентного преимущества с помощью комплекса товар плюс услуга)

Опубликовано на портале: 31-10-2003
USA: McGraw-Hill, 1994
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Based on an in-depth understanding of customer needs, the book's nucleus is its five-point "product plus" services: Information-how to transmit instructions and advice, take reservations, provide progress reports, and more; Hospitality-how to welcome customers with courteous greetings, comfortable waiting areas, readily available facilities, and more; Caretaking-how customers appreciate such extra touches as convenient parking, secure coatrooms, and personal care of their valuables; Exceptions-how companies can impress everyone with service for the handicapped, those with special dietary needs, and other "exceptional" customers; Payment-how to avoid the "one last chance to disappoint." With these principles in place, Lovelock illustrates how an organization can harness the power of modern technology to improve service quality... leverage employee skills... speed service delivery... reduce costs... and increase productivity. He goes behind the scenes of well-known service companies to see what makes them tick, details the best strategies of international companies, and flowcharts the customer's experience to see how buying decisions and product loyalty evolve.

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