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The Social Significance of Sport - An Introduction to the Sociology of Sport

Опубликовано на портале: 11-08-2006
Изд-во: Human Kinetics, 1989, 352 с.
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Three leading researchers in the sociology of sport have authored a text that will revolutionize the teaching of undergraduate sport sociology. Most sociology of sport texts merely describe sport in our society; The Social Significance of Sport goes on to explain why sport functions as it does in our society.

This text is not the usual topical approach to sport sociology; it provides a far more comprehensive, penetrating, and insightful analysis of contemporary sport. The text forms three parts, each detailing a major theme.

Part I considers how sport reflects the norms, values, and practices of other social institutions, such as the following:
  • The family
  • School and youth groups
  • Politics and law
  • The economy
  • The mass media

Part II analyzes how sport fosters inequity or promotes social mobility for cross-sections of the population such as
  • ethnic minorities,
  • females,
  • the financially disadvantaged, and
  • older adults.

Part III examines how sport can encourage resistance and conflict. It also explores sport’s potential to
  • stimulate social change beyond the world of sport and
  • create subcultures that pursue the interests of disadvantaged groups.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Sport, Culture, and Society

Part I: Sport Reflects Culture and Society
Chapter 2. Sport, Socialization, and the Family
Chapter 3. Sport, Education, and Youth Groups
Chapter 4. Sport, Law, and Politics
Chapter 5. Sport and the Economy
Chapter 6. Sport and the Mass Media

Part II: Sport Reinforces Social Inequalities
Chapter 7. Social Class, Socioeconomic Status, and Sport
Chapter 8. Race, Ethnicity, and Sport
Chapter 9. Gender, Age, and Sport

Part III: Sport Is an Arena of Resistance and Conflict
Chapter 10. Sport and Subcultures
Chapter 11. Sport, Collective Behavior, and Social Movements
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