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Sport and Society: A Student Introduction

Опубликовано на портале: 18-08-2006
Ред.: Barrie Houlihan
Изд-во: Sage Publications, 2003, 400 с.
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This is the book that students and lecturers in sports studies have been waiting for. It is the most comprehensive student introduction to the field. The book is organized around four themes central to the study of sport: perspectives, inclusion, commercialization and international context and comparison. Key features include:

A strong inter-disciplinary perspective.

A clear focus on power and inequality and their relation to participation and success in sport

A keen emphasis on the increasing importance of commercialization and regulation in sport.

An exemplary introduction into the importance of comparative analysis for understanding problems clearly and producing sound solutions.

This is an ideal teaching text, enabling lecturers to teach a conventional 12 or 13 week semester by selecting issues from the 19 topic-based chapters. Accessible, engaging and full of up to date ideas and information the book will be devoured by lecturers seeking an authoritative introduction to sport and society and relished by students who want a relevant, enriching texts for the learning and research needs.

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