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Women, Sport, and Culture

Опубликовано на портале: 15-08-2006
Champaign: Human Kinetics, 1994, 416 с.
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This is the most comprehensive collection of articles available on women, sport, and culture. The book features 24 selections from various feminist positions that examine the relation between sport and gender.

The articles in Women, Sport, and Culture serve as a marker of where feminist sport studies has been as a field and a guidepost for what may be the most promising theoretical directions in the future.

Part I introduces and provides an overview of feminist theories that have examined gender, women, and sport. The articles in the section discuss the complexity of the relations among sport, gender, ideology, bodies, and technology.

Part II addresses the gendered organizational order of sport and explores the practices through which women in institutionalized sport are managed. The articles in Part III respond to Kenneth Sheard and Eric Dunning’s idea that sport is a "male preserve"—a site for the production and reproduction of gendered power relations. The section explores how certain practices associated with sport actively degrade women and how women have alternately appropriated and opposed what they perceive to be oppressive and unjust practices.

Part IV examines the role of the media in circulating and legitimizing dominant meanings of sport, women, gendered bodies, and sexuality. Part V looks at heterosexism and homophobia in sport.

Part I: Women, Sport, and Ideology
Chapter 1.
Resisting the Canon: Feminist Cultural Studies, Sport, and Technologies of the Body
Cheryl L. Cole

Chapter 2. Women in Sport in Ideology
Paul Willis

Chapter 3. Sport and the Maintenance of Masculine Hegemony
Lois Bryson

Chapter 4. Sport and Male Domination: The Female Athlete as Contested Ideological Terrain
Michael Messner

Chapter 5. African American Women and Competitive Sport, 1920-1960
Cindy Himes

Part II: Gender and the Organization of Sport
Chapter 6. Politics, Public Policy, and Title IX, Some Limitations of Liberal Feminism
Mary A. Boutilier and Lucinda SanGiovanni

Chapter 7. The Status of Women in Intercollegiate Athletics
Vivian Acosta and Linda Carpenter

Chapter 8. Gender and the Coaching Profession
Annelis Knoppers

Chapter 9. Unequal Exchange and Exploitation in College Sport: The Case of the Female Athlete
Elaine Blinde

Chapter 10. A Post-Modern Paradox? Cheerleaders at Women’s Sporting Events
Laurel Davis

Part III: Women in the Male Preserve of Sport
Chapter 11. Sport as a Male Preserve: Notes on the Social Source of Masculine Identity and its Transformations
Eric Dunning

Chapter 12. Toward a Feminist Alternative to Sport as a Male Preserve
Nancy Theberge

Chapter 13. Subcultural Subversions: Comparing Discourses on Sexuality in Men’s and Women’s Rugby Songs
Elizabeth Wheatley

Chapter 14. Challenging the Hegemony: New Zealand Women’s Opposition to Rugby and the Reproduction of a Capitalist Partiarchy
Shona Thompson

Chapter 15. Is a Diamond Forever? Feminist Transformations of Sport
Susan Birrell and Diana Richter

Part IV: Media, Sport, and Gender
Chapter 16. Gender Stereotyping in Televised Sports
Margaret Carlisle Duncan, Michael Messner, Linda Williams, and Kerry Jensen

Chapter 17. Active Women, Media Representations, and Ideology
Margaret MacNeill

Chapter 18. Work Routines in Newspaper Sports Departments and the Coverage of Women’s Sports
Nancy Theberge and Alan Cronk

Chapter 19. Visible Difference and Flex Appeal: The Body, Sex, Sexuality, and Race in the "Pumping Iron" Films
Christine Anne Holmlund

Chapter 20. Personal Best: Women in Love
Linda Williams

Part V: Sport, Sexuality, and the Gendered Body
Chapter 21. Crushes, Competition, and Closets: The Emergence of Homophobia in Women’s Physical Education
Susan Cahn

Chapter 22. Feminist Body Building
Anne Balsamo

Chapter 23. The Embodiment of Gender: Discipline, Domination, and Empowerment
David Whitson

Chapter 24. Double Fault: Renee Richards and the Construction and Naturalization of Difference
Susan Birrell and Cheryl L. Cole

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