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Reading Sport : Critical Essays on Power and Representation

Опубликовано на портале: 15-08-2006
Boston: Northeastern University Press, 2000, 326 с.
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An anthology of essays on sport, analyzing power relations, especially as they are constructed along the axes of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Examines how the complexities and intersections of power are reflected in particular high-profile incidents and celebrity athletes, demonstrating that sports events and personalities exist within broader cultural, economic, historical, and political realms.

Reading sport, articulating power lines: an introduction / Susan Birrell and Mary G. McDonald

Hegemonic masculinity on the mound: media representations of Nolan Ryan and American sports culture / Nick Trujillo

"Hertz, don't it?": becoming colorless and staying Black in the crossover of O.J. Simpson / Leola Johnson and David Roediger

"As bad as he says he is?": interrogating Dennis Rodman's subversive potential / Mâelisse LaFrance and Geneviáeve Rail

When a looker is really a bitch: Lisa Olson, sport, and the heterosexual matrix / Lisa Disch and Mary Jo Kane

Reading Nancy Lopez: decoding representations of race, class, and sexuality / Katherine M. Jamieson

Excavating Michael Jordan's blackness / David L. Andrews

"A radiant smile from the lovely lady": overdetermined femininity in "ladies" figure skating / Abigail M. Feder-Kane

Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and the bodily figuration of social class / Sam Stoloff

"Disciplining the body": HIV-positive male athletes, media surveillance, and the policing of sexuality / Shari Lee Dworkin and Faye Linda Wachs

Double fault: Renee Richards and the construction and naturalization of difference / Susan Birrell and Cheryl L. Cole.

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