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Following on from Hanging In There, this comprehensive volume empirically covers the summits from the UK meeting in Birmingham in 1998 to the UK meeting in 2005. In essence, this study reviews a full G8 cycle. The analytical framework rests on three general summit objectives: political leadership, reconciling international/domestic and collective management, and six subject-specific performance indicators: leadership, effectiveness, solidarity, durability, acceptability, consistency

  1. The Summit at 30: Transition to a New Century
  2. The Story So Far: the G7 Summits 1975-1997

    THE FIRST G8 SEQUENCE, 1998-2004

  3. Breaking Free: Birmingham 1998
  4. Debt and the Balkans: Cologne 1999
  5. Summit Performance I: Financial Issues and Debt
  6. Targeting Development: Okinawa 2000
  7. Transcending the Riots: Genoa 2001
  8. Summit Performance II: Trade Issues and Development
  9. New Directions: Kananaskis 2002
  10. Reconciliation: Evian 2003
  11. The Shadow of Iraq: Sea Island 2004
  12. Summit Performance III: Africa, Terrorism and Non-Proliferation


  13. Concentrating the Mind: Summit Process
  14. Staying Together: Summit Objectives


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