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Programming Visual Basic 2005

Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
Изд-во: O'Reilly Media, 2005, 568 с.
This information-packed guide helps you understand Visual Basic 2005, the next-generation release of the popular Visual Basic programming language. This book aims to make you immediately productive in creating Windows and web applications using Visual Basic 2005 and all of its tools. Perfect for experienced VB6 and novice programmers.


Part I. Building Windows Applications

1. Design and First Forms

     The Requirements

     Getting Started

     Creating the Customer Detail Page


2. Data Access

     Adding Data to the Customer Page

     Using the Details View to Create the Detail Form

     Modify the Display with Events

3. Cool Controls

     Adding a Menu and Toolbar

     Displaying Web Documents

     Masked Text Box

     Printing a Document

     Copying Files Using Tree Views

4. Custom Controls

     Custom Controls


     Building the Controls

     Using the Custom Controls

5. GDI+ and Drawing

     The Graphics Class

     Implementing the Control

6. Mice and Fonts

     Click the Mouse

7. Legacy COM Controls

     Importing ActiveX Controls

     Importing COM Components

Part II. Building Web Applications

8. Web Application, Design, and First Forms

     Understanding Web Forms

     Getting Started

     Adding Controls




9. Validation Controls

     The RequiredFieldValidator

     Client-Side Evaluation

     The Summary Validator

     The Compare Validator

     Range Checking

     Regular Expressions

     Custom Validation

     Validation Groups

10. Master Pages and Navigation

     Creating Master Pages


11. Web Data Access

     Getting Data from a Database

     Multiuser Updates

     The DataList Control

12. Personalization

     Implementing Forms-Based Security

     Add Roles to ASP.NET Accounts

     Create Personalized Web Sites

     Personalize with Complex Types

     Anonymous Personalization

     Themes and Skins

     Web Parts

     Enabling Editing and Layout Changes

13. Custom Controls

     User Controls

     Custom Controls

14. Web Services

     Platform Independence

     How Web Services Work

     Creating a Web Service

     WebMethod Properties

     Testing Your Web Service

     Writing the Client

Part III. Programming with Visual Basic 2005

15. Visual Studio 2005

     Start Page

     Projects and Solutions

     The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

     Building and Running

16. Visual Basic 2005 Fundamentals






     Iteration Statements


17. Using Collections and Generics






18. Object-Oriented Visual Basic 2005

     Defining Classes

     Instantiating Objects


     The Heap

     Access Modifiers

     Method Arguments



     Copy Constructors

     Using Shared Members

     Destroying Objects

     Overloading Methods and Constructors

     Encapsulating Data with Properties

     Specialization and Generalization



     Abstract Classes

     The Root of All Classes: Object

     Boxing and Unboxing Types


     Interfaces Versus Abstract Base Classes

     Defining an Interface

     Implementing an Interface


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