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This fifth edition of the classic text, Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, introduces strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategic momentum to advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as practitioners in the field of health care. It demonstrates how strategic managers can become strategic thinkers with the crucial skills to evaluate the changing environment, analyze data, question assumptions, and develop new ideas.Swayne, Duncan, and Ginter present methods to develop and document a plan of action through strategic planning and illustrate how, as managers attempt to carry out the strategic plan, they evaluate its success, learn more about what works, and incorporate new strategic thinking into future planning, strategy formulation, and situational analysis. They demonstrate how strategic management "maps" can provide the direction needed for successful implementation.In this new edition, all chapters have been revised and contain new or updated Introductory Incidents and Perspectives. Appendix A has been revised to match the new model of strategic thinking, planning, and managing the strategic momentum. Twenty real-life case studies, including nine new cases and three updated classics, present diverse strategic situations in an accessible manner that enhances the applicability of the concepts for students and professionals.The text is supported by PowerPoint slides and an Instructors' Manual

Part 1. Strategic Management
  • Chapter 1. The Nature of Strategic Management
  • Chapter 2. Understanding and Analyzing the External Environment
  • Chapter 3. Service Area Competitor Analysis
  • Chapter 4. Internal Environmental Analysis and Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 5. Directional Strategies
  • Chapter 6. Developing Strategic Alternatives
  • Chapter 7. Evaluation of Alternatives and Strategic Choice

    Part 2. Appendices

    Part 3. Cases in the Health Care Sector


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