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UML 2.0 in a Nutshell

Опубликовано на портале: 15-11-2006
Изд-во: O'Reilly Media, 2005, cерия "In a Nutshell", 234 с.
This comprehensive guide has been fully revised to cover UML 2.0, today's standard method for modeling software systems. Packed with concise information, it's been crafted to help IT professionals read, create, and understand system artifacts expressed using UML. Also includes an example-rich tutorial for those who need familiarizing with the system.


1. Fundamentals of UML
     Getting Started
     UML Basics
     UML Specifications
     Putting UML to Work
     UML Rules of Thumb

2. Class Diagrams
     Abstract Classes
     Variations on Class Diagrams

3. Package Diagrams
     Importing and Accessing Packages
     Merging Packages
     Variations on Package Diagrams

4. Composite Structures
     Composite Structures
     Collaboration Occurrences

5. Component Diagrams
     Component Views

6. Deployment Diagrams
     Variations on Deployment Diagrams

7. Use Case Diagrams
     Use Cases
     Advanced Use Case Modeling
     Use Case Scope

8. Statechart Diagrams
     Behavioral State Machines
     State Machine Extension
     Protocol State Machines
     Event Processing
     Variations on Statechart Diagrams

9. Activity Diagrams
     Activities and Actions
     Activity Nodes
     Advanced Activity Modeling

10. Interaction Diagrams
     What Are Interactions?
     Interaction Participants
     Execution Occurrences
     State Invariants
     Event Occurrences
     Combined Fragments
     Interaction Occurrences
     Sequence Timing
     Alternate Interaction Notations

11. Tagged Values, Stereotypes, and UML Profiles
     Modeling and UML in Context
     Tagged Values
     UML Profiles
     Tools and How They Use Profiles

12. Effective Diagramming
     Wallpaper Diagrams
     Sprawling Scope
     One Diagram/One Abstraction
     Besides UML

A. MDA: Model-Driven Architecture

B. The Object Constraint Language


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