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Cities and Their Vital Systems: Infrastructure - Past, Present and Future

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: National Academy Press, 1988, cерия "Series on Technology & Social Priorities", 368 с.
Cities and Their Vital Systems asks basic questions about the longevity, utility, and nature of urban infrastructures; analyzes how they grow, interact, and change; and asks how, when, and at what cost they should be replaced. Among the topics discussed are problems arising from increasing air travel and airport congestion; the adequacy of water supplies and waste treatment; the impact of new technologies on construction; urban real estate values; and the field of "telematics," the combination of computers and telecommunications that makes money machines and national newspapers possible.

Front Matter
1 Cities and Infrastructure: Synthesis and Perspectives
2 The Dynamic Characterization of Cities
3 How Cities Grew in the Western World: A Systems Approach
4 Urban Systems and Historical Path Dependence
5 An Economic Model of Urban Growth
6 Growth of U.S. Cities and Recent Trends in Urban Real Estate Values
7 Infrastructures for Movement: Past and Future
8 Dynamics and Replacement of U.S. Transport Infrastructures
9 Air Traffic Congestion: Problems and Prospects
10 Combining Communications and Computing: Telematics Infrastructures
11 Reflections on the Telecommunications Infrastructure
12 Water Supply and Distribution: The Next 50 Years
13 The Urban Wastewater Infrastructure
14 New Construction Technologies for Rebuilding the Nation's Infrastructure
15 Longevity of Infrastructure