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Urban Sociology

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1950, 742 с.
Urban Sociology is a book replete with factual information about cities and hence a book that will repay the general reader as well as the student. But it is a boot that is "flying under false colors," so to speak. By its title it purports to be a sociology of city communities and of the urban way of life. About ninety per cent of the book is concerned with history, economics, political science, education, and social and public welfare, rather than with sociology.

Part I: The Evolution of the Modern City
Chapter I: The City's Place in Culture History
Chapter II: The Location of Cities
Chapter III: Ground Plan and Physical Growth of Cities
Chapter IV: City Growth Through Natural Increase And Rural Migration
Chapter V: Immigration and Other Factors of Urban Growth
Chapter VI: City Planning and Zoning

Part II: Housing
Chapter VII: The Urban Housing Problem
Chapter VII: Improved Housing Under Private Auspices
Chapter IX: Legislation and Housing Reform
Chapter X: Garden Suburbs, Villages, and Cities
Chapter XI: Urban Housing in Europe

Part III: Public Health and Safety
Chapter XII: Public Safety
Chapter XIII: Public Health Organization
Chapter XIV: Public Water Supplies
Chapter XV: Urban Housecleaning
Chapter XVI: Sanitary Inspection and Control: Nuisances And Their Abatement
Chapter XVII: Accidents and Diseases and Their Prevention
Chapter XVIII: Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics, and Public Health Nursing
Chapter XIX: The Cost of Health
Chapter XX: Vital Statistics
Chapter XXI: Public Provision for Pure Food and Drugs
Chapter XXII: School Sanitation and Health

Part IV: Education in the Modern City
Chapter XXIII: The Growth and Extent of Public Education
Chapter XXIV: Adaptive Education
Chapter XXV: Vocational Education and Guidance
Chapter XXVI: Adult Education
Chapter XXVII: Informal Education
Chapter XXVIII: The Educational Influence of the Newspaper

Part V: Urban Recreation
Chapter XXIX: Recreation Under Private Non-Profit Auspices
Chapter XXX: Commercialized Recreation
Chapter XXXI: The Theater and the Movies--Problems In Commercialized Recreation
Chapter XXXII: Recreation Under Public Auspices