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Race, Poverty, and American Cities

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: Scholarly Book Services Inc, 2002, 614 с.
Precise connections between race, poverty, and the condition of America's cities are drawn in this collection of seventeen essays. Policymakers and scholars from a variety of disciplines analyze the plight of the urban poor since the riots of the 1960s and the resulting 1968 Kerner Commission Report on the status of African Americans. In essays addressing health care, education, welfare, and housing policies, the contributors reassess the findings of the report in light of developments over the last thirty years, including the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Some argue that the long-standing obstacles faced by the urban poor cannot be removed without revitalizing inner-city neighborhoods; others emphasize strategies to break down racial and economic isolation and promote residential desegregation throughout metropolitan areas.

Guided by a historical perspective, the contributors propose a new combination of economic and social policies to transform cities while at the same time improving opportunities and outcomes for inner-city residents. This approach highlights the close links between progress for racial minorities and the overall health of cities and the nation as a whole.

Part I. Looking Backward and Looking Ahead: Lessons and Questions from the Kerner Commission Report
Race and the American City: The Kerner Commission Report in Retrospect / John Charles Boger

Part II. An Urban Policy for America: Is Such a Framework Feasible?
America's Urban Crisis: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions / Peter Dreier
The Urban Policy Challenge: Integrating across Social and Economic Development Policy / Susan S. Fainstein and Ann Markusen
The Fire This Time: The Genesis of the Los Angeles Rebellion of 1992 / James H. Johnson Jr. and Walter C. Farrell Jr.
Polarization, Place, and Race / George C. Galster
National Urban Policy Revisited: Policy Options for the Clinton Administration / Michael A. Stegman

Part III. Residential Mobility: Effects on Education, Employment, and Racial Integration
Can the Kerner Commission's Housing Strategy Improve Employment, Education, and Social Integration for Low-Income Blacks? / James E. Rosenbaum, Nancy Fishman, Alison Brett, and Patricia Meaden

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