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Makers of the City

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: University of Massachusetts Press, 1990, 256 с.
The book is not about cities, it deals with writing about cities. The author is concerned with how individuals portray the city and how they make use of the social and literary traditions they find pertinent. He focuses on Jacob A. Riis, Lewis Mumford, James T. Farrell, and Paul Goodman, four American thinkers whose works are almost wholly given over to discussion about the desirable city and its community

Chapter 1. Jacob A. Riis: The City As Christian Fraternity
Chapter 2. Lewis Mumford: The City as Man
Chapter 3. James T. Farrell: The City As Society
Chapter 4. Paul Goodman: The City as Self
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