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Humanising the City?Social Contexts of Urban Life at the Turn of the Millennium

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: Edinburgh University Press, 1993, 228 с.
Essays originally presented to the symposium, The Age of the City: Human Life in the Twenty- First Century, held at The International House, Osaka, Japan, 27-30 March 1990 and published with the support of the Senri Foundation.

The age of the city: an introductory essay / Sakae Tsunoyama

The twenty-first century city: a British perspective / Brian Robson 

Reframing context: pointers to the post-industrial city / Sandra Wallman 

The cultural role of world cities / Ulf Hannerz 

Cities of permanent transition: variations among cities of the developing world / Bryan R. Roberts 

Urban tradition as a creative process in Africa / Motoji Matsuda 

The urban festival and social identity / Haruka Wazaki 

Networks as resources / Katsuyuoshi Fukui 

Family and social networks in new urban situations: a comparative perspective / Mieko Miyaji 

Future of kinship and the study of culture / Marilyn Strathern 

The future of the self: anthropology and the city / Anthony P. Cohen.

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