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People of the City: Jews and the Urban Challenge

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: Oxford University Press, 2003, 288 с.
Modern urbanization is intimately linked with contemporary Jewish history, and this volume, the fifteenth in this acclaimed series, looks at the diverse connections. Spanning a wide range of topics, the volume includes essays on the Jewish communities in New York and St. Petersburg, on Orthodox Jews in the city, on Jewish-Christian relations within the urban context, on klezmer music, on the impact of urbanization on German Jewish history, and on the first "Hebrew city," Tel-Aviv. The volume also includes an extensive collection of reviews of recent literature on Jewish history, culture, and society

Symposium People of the City: Jews and the Urban Challenge
Antisemitism and the City: a Beginner's Guide
Orthodox Jews, the City and the Suburb
Searching for the Klezmer City
New York City, the Jews, and “the Urban Experience”
East or West? Tel-Aviv in the 1920s and 1930s
Was Urbanization Harmful to Jewish Tradition and Identity in Germany?
Mythologies and Realities of Jewish Life in Prerevolutionary St. Petersburg
A New Rite from Israel: Reflectionson Siddur Va'Ani Tefillati of the Masorati (conservative) Movement
The Megashtetl/cosmopolis: New York Jewish History Comes of Age
A Tale of Three German Cities
Let My People Go: Three Studies on Jewish Emigration from the Soviet Union
African Americans, Jewish Americans
Antisemitism, Holocaust and Genocide
History and the Social Sciences
Language, Literature and the Arts
Religion, Thought and Education
Zionism, Israel and the Middle East
Studies in Contemporary Jewry XVI
Note on Editorial Policy