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Associational Life in African Cities: Popular Responses to the Urban Crisis

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: Nordic Africa Institute, 2001, 320 с.
The book contains 17 chapters with material from 13 African countries, from Egypt to Swaziland and from Senegal to Kenya. Most of the authors are young African academics. The focus of the volume is the multitude of voluntary associations that has emerged in African cities in recent years. In many cases, they are a response to mounting poverty, failing infrastructure and services, and more generally, weak or abdicating urban governments. Some associations are new, in other cases, existing organizations are taking on new tasks. Associations may be neighbourhood-based, others may be city-wide and based on professional groupings or a shared ideology or religion. Still others have an ethnic base. Some of these organizations are engaged in both day-to-day matters of urban management and more long-term urban development. Urban associations challenge the monopoly of local and central government institutions.

Chapter 1: The Urban Crisis, Governance and Associational Life

Section I: Coping Through Informal Networks
Chapter 2: Social Networks and Urban Vulnerability to Hunger
Chapter 3: Between Ghetto and Globe: Remaking Urban Life in Africa
Chapter 4: Women's Groups and Urban Poverty: the Swaziland Experience

Section II: Religion and Identity
Chapter 5: New Generation Churches and the Provision of Welfare: a Gender Study from Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Chapter 6: The Politics of Multiple Identities: the Making of a Home Villagers' Association in Lilongwe, Malawi
Chapter 7: Touba: the New Dairas and the Urban Dream

Section III: Land and Housing
Chapter 8: The Role of Civil Society in Urban Management in Accra, Ghana
Chapter 9: Land-Buying Companies for Urban Housing in Eldoret, Kenya
Chapter 10: Civil Society, Housing and Urban Governance: the Case of Urban Housing Co-Operatives in Zimbabwe

Section IV: Infrastructure and Services
Chapter 11: Responses to the Urban Crisis in Cameroon and Congo: Patterns of Local Participation in Urban Management
Chapter 12: Ngos in Urban Environmental Governance: Waste Recycling in Cairo
Chapter 13: Reactions to Deteriorating Provision of Public Services in Dar Es Salaam

Section V: Emerging Initiatives
Chapter 14: The Changing Role of Community Based Organisations in South Africa in the 1990s, with Emphasis on Their Role in Development Projects
Chapter 15: Communities and Community Institutions in Luanda, Angola
Chapter 16: The Legacy of Mobilisation from Above: Participation in a Zanzibar Neighbourhood
Chapter 17: Urban Development and Community Participation in Oshakati, Northern Namibia
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